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Duty Officer: Peterside A.N 29/03/14(Morning)
In Emergency situations please call:08033214011, 08023204585 or 08056409154
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Lagos Motor Boat Club
Welcome to the Lagos Motor Boat Club (LMBC), a members-only boating club in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. The LMBC was founded over 60 years ago and has been a symbol of the city's well to do. Housed in a white colonial-era building and boasting a view of the the serene lagoon, the Lagos Motor Boat Club has an unmistakable nautical theme-the wood-panelled bar with a large boat wheel as its centre-piece.
  The date for LMBC Intercontinental Night Party is on Saturday 3rd May, 2014.  For information about duty roster for the first quarter, please click on the read more link.
Did you enjoy Joe's performance at the New Year's Eve Party?